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Excuses are what people use to justify that something is impossible and its the only option they have.  If your goal is to truly start a business, achieve a set exercise regime or purchase a house, then you’ll let nothing stand in your way, and that is what separates the DOer’s from the GUNNa’s.
One of our WARRIORS that is a Doer is young Keisha.  She was not always like this but got a mindset 11 weeks ago that she was not letting one single excuse enter her mind.
  • Not the ‘I CANT DO THAT’ excuse – she has had major back surgery and didn’t think she would walk again properly.
  • Not the ‘I DON’T HAVE TIME’ excuse – she worked 12+ hour shifts at a local disability home as a carer.
  • Not the ‘DON’T HAVE THE MONEY’ excuse – Her partner was without work
  • Not even the Excuse – That when she was 7 weeks into her transformation she was without a job and now unemployed.
Keisha had a goal and that was to get fit and lose the what I like to call the EXCUSE kilos.  The weight added to one’s body through emotional eating and simply being lazy.
Keisha in 11 short weeks has dropped a total of 12.2 Kilograms and a whopping 33.5 centimetres in total from around her body (12+ from her hips alone).  
These results are impressive on just a visual level but what is more extraordinary is the results of the fitness testing.   A extra 149 reps were completed over the course of Pushups, Squats and Inverted Rows.  Keisha also knocked a whopping 20 seconds off her agility test and basically smashed every other test we put her through.
More important is the confidence and positive outlook Keisha now has on her life and direction she wishes to take.  Keisha knows she has further to travel before she reaches her ultimate goal, but she is moving in the right direction (in a big way) even after all the turmoil and obstacles both her and her husband have had to face.
WELL DONE KEISHA onto bigger and better things and we are here to support you every step of the way.
So EXCUSES are the reason people remain the same, what’s your excuse.


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