Being the Best Version of YOU Possible

12 Mar 2014 | Posted by: Luke_Goodale | Categories: Blog Posts
Now being asked to be the Relay for Life Ambassador for the Mackay Region is a great honour, but also comes with some real responsibilities – one of them being a lot of PUBLIC SPEAKING….  
Now this is not my most favourite thing to do (I know some of you may think, how can this be? He generally doesn’t shut up).  But this is a skill I have yet to master and it frightens the hell out of me to say the least.  
However I look at this as a real challenge and a chance to push myself outside of my comfort zone and step into unchartered territories.  
When we ask ourselves truly what is the  worst thing that can happen
we fail? and what does this mean?  
I may stuff a few words and forget what I am supposed to say but at least I had a go.  Maybe the journey of going through cancer has changed my perception of risk/challenges.  But if we aren’t challenging ourselves, then we can’t improve, and really what is the point.
 The same can be said for many of the WWOW’s (especially this weeks) 
Now I may not struggle with skipping but I cant’t do  Double Under Skipping, but I was determined to make sure I started and finished on D/U’s throughout my entire workout.  Now I could have done a quicker time if I did normal skipping but thats really not what its all about, its about TESTING ME and what I’m capable of, not how I compare to everyone else.
So the next time your TRAINING just think, is this really testing me or am I just sitting in an area of intensity thats slightly uncomfortable but manageable for myself.  PUSH THE BOUNDARIES and you’ll achieve great things…   
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